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Whitening at Your Dentistree

Whitening at Your Dentistree

Teeth whitening at Your Dentistree: Why Choose Us? Teeth Whitening Having whiter and brighter teeth is among the top aesthetic priorities for many patients. Teeth whitening is an affordable cosmetic dental treatment. A simple procedure that is minimally invasive, and can enhance the beauty of your smile in a short period of time.   Teeth [...]

Oral Cancer Screening at Your Dentistree

Oral cancer Although it’s one of the least talked about cancers, unfortunately at least three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer daily. While lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol use increase the chances of developing oral cancer, ultimately it can be diagnosed in anyone. The death rate from this type of cancer is very [...]

Dry Mouth Treatment at Your Dentistree

Dry Mouth Treatment at Your Dentistree A dry mouth can be very uncomfortable and as a result, affect your enjoyment of food. In particular, the lack of saliva can attract oral bacteria. This increases the chance of developing tooth decay, gum disease, digestive issues and other oral health problems. Often a dry mouth contributes to [...]

Wisdom teeth at Your Dentistree

Wisdom teeth at Your Dentistree Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come through inside the mouth. As a result, this usually happens in your late teens or twenties. However, in some cases it can be later on in life. When there’s insufficient space for them to come through, consequently they become impacted. Typically wisdom [...]

Extractions at Your Dentistree

Extractions at Your Dentistree Tooth extraction occurs for necessity or to prepare for a restoration such as an implant. The experienced team at our Cheltenham dental practice is always ready to discuss the various replacement options available in modern dentistry. Reasons for a tooth extraction: Infection or risk of infection Teeth crowding in the jaw [...]

TMJ Disorders at Your Dentistree

TMJ Disorders at Your Dentistree TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint known as the jaw joint. The symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders varies greatly, however some of the common causes include: Jaw pain when you eat or yawn Clicking, popping, or grating sounds when you move the jaw Headache or earache A change in the [...]

Dentures at Your Dentistree

Dentures at Your Dentistree Although the popularity of dentures is diminishing with the advancement of implants and bridges, advances in technology has given today’s dentures an improved appearance and increased comfort. Traditionally, dentures have only been removable, however now they can be secured in place with a number of implants. The dentures made at our [...]

Sport Mouthguards at Your Dentistree

Sport Mouthguards at Your Dentistree Sport mouthguards are vital to protecting the teeth and gums. Aussies are active in sports and life and while this is great it does mean the risk of a dental injury goes up. Whenever there’s contact to the face, unfortunately teeth are in imminent danger. Injury prevention is the primary [...]

Night guards at Your Dentistree

Night Guards Night guards, also known as splints, are recommended to those who grind or clench their teeth. This custom-made appliance helps separate the teeth, thereby placing your jaw in its most relaxed position. This reduces the damage on the teeth and often assists in relaxing the associated jaw muscles. Specific guards can also be [...]

Hygiene Care and Gum Maintenance at Your Dentistree

Hygiene Care and Gum Maintenance at Your Dentistree We are passionate about preventative dental care and gum maintenance. With your happiness and confidence in mind, our skilled staff aim to empower you to live your life with a healthy smile, and will provide you with advice on all aspects of dental hygiene, including the use [...]