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Night guards at Your Dentistree

Night Guards

Night guards, also known as splints, are recommended to those who grind or clench their teeth. This custom-made appliance helps separate the teeth, thereby placing your jaw in its most relaxed position. This reduces the damage on the teeth and often assists in relaxing the associated jaw muscles. Specific guards can also be made not only to protect the teeth but also to cease snoring.

Reasons to wear a night guard:

  • Protect the muscles of the jaw from extreme tension by providing a cushion between the top and lower teeth
  • Guard the enamel of teeth which is responsible for protecting against decay and cannot be replaced
  • Reduce dental costs in the long term by protecting the teeth from being worn down and developing further complications

Are the night guards different from mouth guards?

Yes, the material, shape and function differ. Both devices however serve to protect the teeth. With a night guard the splint covers the surface of the teeth to prevent wearing down from clenching or grinding. The material is typically slightly harder compared with a sports mouthguard. With a mouth guard the splint covers the teeth and gums. Furthermore, the material is softer to assist with shock absorption if a hard impact occurs.

How to get a night guard?

A thorough examination of your teeth and jaw is done for signs of wear, grinding or clenching. The process for obtaining a splint is precise and offers comfort, function and a customised fit for longevity. Instead of impressions, a 3D scan of the mouth is made to ensure accuracy. The material of the splint will be shaped to form a well fitted barrier between the upper and lower teeth. The guard will then be fitted to ensure the bite comes together.

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