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Oral Cancer Screening at Your Dentistree

Oral cancer

Although it’s one of the least talked about cancers, unfortunately at least three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer daily. While lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol use increase the chances of developing oral cancer, ultimately it can be diagnosed in anyone.

The death rate from this type of cancer is very high due to the fact it is often diagnosed at a late stage. The good news is, oral cancer can be easily diagnosed and screened as part of the regular check-up at Your Dentistree. It’s best to have a six-monthly check-up and clean by the dentist who will be able to assess your mouth for any abnormalities such as intra-oral lumps and patches.

Unlike other cancer screening procedures, our dental examinations are non-invasive and painless. The procedure involves a simple screening of your entire mouth, not just the teeth. Your entire mouth will be assessed for any white or red patches, loose teeth, lumps, ulcerations and abnormalities. This routine assessment is important to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer can affect any part of the mouth, gums, tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, cheeks or soft palate. The cancer can spread from the mouth into the lower or upper jaw and into lymph nodes of the neck. From there further spread throughout the body can occur.

Is oral cancer treatable?

If we detect it in the early stages, there is an 80-90 percent chance of survival rate, though this rate drops when the cancer has been present for an extended timeframe. It’s best to schedule your check-ups regularly to ensure we can provide advice on any warning signs and detect it early.


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