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Root canal treatment and Endodontics at Your Dentistree

Root canal treatment means there is no need to lose your troubled tooth! Root canal therapy is a common and safe procedure. This treatment may be recommended if there has been trauma or decay. As a result, the nerve of the tooth may be affected. Prior to treatment the tooth often causes severe pain. Additionally increased sensitivity to temperature and pressure may occur. 

At Your Dentistree, we ensure that you are treated on the day of the appointment. We ensure the procedure is pain-free, utilising the latest techniques in anaesthetic and/or sedation if need be.

There is no real substitute for your own tooth. It is far more efficient in chewing and biting than a fake tooth.

Root canal therapy is a great treatment and has a very high success rate. The treatment can take anywhere between one to three visits to complete. Commonly this includes placing a crown to improve the appearance and strength of the tooth.

Signs you may need a root canal treatment:

  • Severe pain and sensitivity
  • Extreme discomfort during biting that doesn’t disappear
  • Discomfort when eating hot and cold foods
  • Trauma/damage affecting the nerve inside the tooth
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Pressure and touching causes pain

What to expect with a root canal treatment?

  1. The dentist cleans thoroughly the infected tooth from the middle and into the roots.
  2. The dentist flushes the infected pulp with a disinfectant solution and the root canal is dressed with an antibacterial dressing.
  3. The tooth is filled and the pulp sealed together with the root canals to protect the tooth from being re-infected.
  4. After the root canal treatment, the dentist may recommend strengthening the tooth with a cap or crown. This is to protect the tooth from any fractures which could allow bacteria to re-enter and infect the tooth.


Our Cheltenham dental practice utilises the latest in rotary endodontic technologies improving comfort and success, whilst you lie back and enjoy your favourite movie.