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Fillings at Your Dentistree

Fillings At Your Dentistree

What is a Filling?

Often tooth decay doesn’t present with any symptoms. Fillings provide a way to fix a tooth that is damaged by decay, trauma, cracks, or simply has an unsightly appearance. You may be pleased to discover that at Your Dentistree we use mercury-free, white and durable tooth-coloured fillings.

We use sophisticated curing lights which only take a few seconds to set the filling material. This ensures immediate setting so you can eat as normal right after the procedure. Sometimes when the restorations are too large, a porcelain crown or onlay is recommended which is an alternative restoration.

Benefits of white tooth fillings:

At Your Dentistree we use the highest quality materials for our white fillings to help maintain the aesthetic qualities and structural integrity of the tooth. Due to the strength of this material they are often used to repair worn down, chipped or broken teeth.

Further advantages include:

  • Natural looking where they can be matched to the colour of your own tooth
  • More conservative with minimal filling required
  • Metal-free with no mercury
  • Stronger support and less likely to crack where the filling bonds to the tooth immediately

What is the procedure?

You will be happy to know that the process is completely painless. The following steps explain the process:

  1. You’re provided with local anaesthetic to completely numb the area.
  2. We gently remove the decay and shape the tooth for the filling.
  3. The area will be disinfected and dried.
  4. Filling material is placed and set using a bright light.
  5. Once set, the dentist will shape the filling to feel and look just like a natural tooth.

How do I know if I need a filling?

Regular check-ups with the dentist are the best way to determine whether you have a cavity that needs to be filled. During your examination the dentist will assess every tooth surface.