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Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces

Braces technology has seen substantial advances in recent years. Accordingly, they’re now much lighter in weight, are more flexible, and show far less metal than braces in years gone by did.

Braces installation is done by using small brackets which are attached on to the teeth. These brackets are then linked together via a thin archwire made specifically to fit your mouth’s shape. Over time and with gradual adjustment at a regular consultation with your dentist, this process helps move your teeth gently into place. 

When you get traditional braces with Your Dentistree you can have your choice of a variety of styles. This is always very popular with our younger patients, but we’ve also white and clear-tone colours for adults seeking a more minimalist and conservative look. 

At Your Dentistree a custom treatment plan can show you the best options for you when it comes to straightening your teeth.

Frequently asked questions:

Why might I need braces?

Braces can assist with correcting a number of conditions where the teeth require moving into a new position. These conditions include crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, jaw position and large gaps between teeth.

What other benefits can braces provide?

There are many benefits beyond just an aesthetically beautiful smile. Benefits include:

  • Improved chewing functionality
  • Reducing the risk of teeth wearing
  • Easier to clean teeth and reduce the risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay and gum disease
  • Reducing stress and jaw pain

How long are braces worn?

The precise length of time depends on the person. Generally, the time frame varies anywhere between six months to two years. To determine the exact time frame please discuss this with the dentist during the appointment.

Can I eat normally?

Some temporary diet adjustments may need to be made such as avoiding sticky lollies, chewing gum and popcorn. It’s also best to avoid biscuits, nuts and other hard foods. Generally, you will need to be careful with foods that you bite with the front teeth. Examples include carrots, apples, corn on the cob and chicken wings. You won’t need to totally eliminate these foods but instead cut them into smaller portions and use the back teeth for chewing.

What happens after the treatment?

After removal of your braces your teeth will be cleaned and polished. Then, a retainer appliance will typically be given to you to help your teeth hold their correct shape. A retainer can be either fixed or removable, and this is something you can discuss with your dentist during your initial consultation about your treatment plan.

Inman Aligner is a particularly popular choice at present to treat crowding or protruding front teeth. We can offer this revolutionary new technology as a certified Inman Aligner dental clinic.

When using this method it can be possible to complete treatment within 6-18 weeks.