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Smile Makeover at Your Dentistree

Smile Makeover: Is there anything about your smile that you would change?

The Your Dentistree team is highly trained in all aspects of a Smile Makeover which include teeth whitening, dental implants, cosmetic fillings, facial enhancements, teeth straightening, veneers and crowns. We also understand going through the process of dental treatment can feel challenging at times. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing quality care in a relaxing environment so all our patients feel comfortable and confident with their treatment. Your Dentistree offers affordable bite-sized payment options to ensure everyone has access to a smile they deserve and is empowered to make an informed choice.

Our Smile Makeover is achieved in four simple steps:

1. Consultation

We invite you to meet our cosmetic dentists to discuss your smile concerns, goals and desires. This session enables you to ask questions, and be provided with a custom treatment plan. Every individual case is different and this assessment allows you to have a ballpark figure on the cost of your smile makeover.

2. Clinical Assessment

Using the latest diagnostic equipment our cosmetic dentist will take photos and x-rays if required to plan your individual cosmetic makeover. You will be provided with a complete breakdown of all costs associated. At this appointment the specific characteristics of your smile design will be outlined in accordance with your skin tone and facial shape. At Your Dentistree we will not proceed any further until you’re completely happy with your smile design.

3. Trial your Smile

This is where we’ll reproduce your new smile over the top of your existing unprepared teeth to enable you to see how the new smile would look.

4. Smile Makeover Transformation

Once you’re happy with the details of your new smile design, treatment will begin. Our gentle dentists ensure you are comfortable every step of the way. While many patients find their smile transformation process is relatively easy and comfortable, we can provide sleep sedation or general anaesthetic whenever the need arises to minimise any pain and temporary discomfort.