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Dentures at Your Dentistree

Dentures at Your Dentistree

Although the popularity of dentures is diminishing with the advancement of implants and bridges, advances in technology has given today’s dentures an improved appearance and increased comfort.

Traditionally, dentures have only been removable, however now they can be secured in place with a number of implants. The dentures made at our dental surgery are always custom-made with your choice of size, shape and colour of your new teeth decided prior to being sent to an Australian dental laboratory specialising in creating natural looking dentures.

There are three main types of dentures:

1. Full denture:

Replacing all of the natural teeth, this device can rest on the upper, lower, or both jaws providing support and a natural more “filled in” appearance.

2. Partial denture:

Replacing missing or lost teeth, the device can be placed by clasps around remaining teeth or have a cobalt chrome base increasing strength.

3. Implant retained denture:

Alternative to standard dentures where one or more teeth are replaced and held by implants fixed into the jaw.

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