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Children’s Dentistry at Your Dentistree

Children’s dentistry is positive and fun here with our team. 

Your child’s first visit to our practice will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves on building a lifelong path to exceptional dental oral health. Our gentle team have quickly built up a reputation as being Bayside’s “kids whisperers”.

We strive to care for and treat your children like we would our own. The Australian Dental Association advises parents to introduce their child to professional dental care from two years of age.

Although children often do not need complex dental treatment as some adults do, it’s certainly crucial to start seeing dentists early. This will help maintain the health of their teeth into adulthood. 

We welcome your child with a friendly, encouraging, calm and positive environment. Your little one will be spoilt and able to watch their favourite show during treatment. In addition they will also receive presents for being so brave. In some cases, we may suggest options such as sedation or general anaesthetic. This can help with the management of highly anxious children or those with special needs.

Free Kids Dental

We bulk bill all children aged 2-17 years who are eligible for the $1000 Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS). Dental Treatments covered include oral examinations, scale and cleans, x-rays, fillings, fissure sealants, root canals and extraction. Give our friendly staff a call on 9585 8282 and we can check on the spot.

Modern children’s dentistry is predominantly preventive. At Your Dentistree we put a strong focus on teaching good dental oral hygiene habits, regular maintenance and providing protective measures such as fluoride and fissure sealants.

Fissure sealants form a protective barrier on the adult tooth by filling in the grooves and fissures. This shuts out food particles that can get trapped in the grooves and cause decay. This is a very effective, fast and comfortable way to protect your child’s teeth for many years.

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