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Your Child And Their First Dental Check Up Visit At Your Dentistree

Your Child And Their First Dental Check Up Visit At Your Dentistree

Welcome to Your Dentistree’s first blog helping the local community with advice on your child and their first Dental check up visit at our Cheltenham practice.

What makes Your Dentistree different from any other practice?

Visiting the “tooth fairy’s friend” or “going for a ride in the dental chair” is an absolute enjoyable experience for children at Your Dentistree. We hear on a daily basis how much fun our little patients had visiting our Dentist, Dr Slav and the team at Your Dentistree. Most often it’s not the journey to the dental chair that is challenging but rather after the appointment parents being able to take their children home. We have so many little ones that simply don’t want to leave. That says a lot!

We understand the importance of taking this first big step towards your child’s initial dental appointment. Our practice is purpose built with the latest technology and facilities to ensure the ultimate fun and positive experience. Our staff are highly enthusiastic and have extensive experience dealing with children. We go above and beyond to ensure your first and every consequent visit is outstanding, positive and an exciting experience.

All children receive a gift pack at the conclusion of their dental visit.

Medicare BULK BILL 2-17 years old, call us and we can check eligibility for you.


What age should I take my child to their first Dental visit?

Ideally introduce your child to their first dental visit around 6-12 months of age or shortly after the eruption of their first baby tooth. Starting with a general check up at an early age will establish a happy relationship between your child and the dentist. Typically, little or no treatment will be necessary, however sound advice can be priceless.


Advantages of taking your young child to the Dentist:

The early visit enables children to:

  • Minimise the child’s incidence of dental anxiety
  • Become familiar with the sights, sounds, smells of a dental environment in a positive manner
  • Early detection of tooth decay and any other potential dental conditions
  • Dental and dietary advice to lower the risk of decay
  • Dental staff to provide instructions and advice on correct toothbrushing and healthy eating habits

Cavities alone aren’t all that parents need to learn from their child’s first dental visit. This appointment allows parents to discuss:

  • Proper care of their child’s mouth
  • Oral habits including thumb or finger sucking
  • Teething and milestones of development
  • Examine their bite and soft tissue
  • Brushing techniques
  • Approaches of preventing trauma that could damage the teeth and face

We appreciate confidence and trust needs to be developed before a child will sit alone in the dental chair. The first examination may take place with your child sitting on your knee.


How can you help prepare your child?

  • Be positive when speaking about the dental visit, avoid expressing any fears you may have
  • Arrange for the appointment at a time when your child is well rested
  • Arrive a little earlier to the appointment to enable the child to become familiar with the new surrounding
  • Take the time at home to play ‘dentist’ with your child and pretend to count their teeth
  • Avoid using alarming words such as drill or needles
  • Speak of the dental visit as a regular routine rather than ‘special event’
  • Let your child be informed they are visiting the dentist and everybody goes to the dentist


Is there any other advice?

We have found in our experience allowing the dental staff to capture your child’s complete attention and allow you as the parent or guardian to be a ‘passive observer’ assists with your child’s first experience.

For further information please visit Children’s Dentistry at Your Dentistree

To book please feel free to phone our friendly staff on 9585 8282 or book online at

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